March 22, 2021

Display Your Judge.me Widgets With Automatic Default Translations

With the emergence of cross-border e-commerce, your products may get more attention from international buyers. If you are selling cross-border, having a multi-language store is the first step to reach more buyers and boost your sales. Customers enjoy reading content in their native languages. By translating your store into the languages of your target customers, you help them understand more about your products, shipping and return policies, and especially, your customer reviews section. If you have a Shopify multi-language store, you can display the your Judge.me's widget texts (titles, buttons, review form fields, etc.) in the store language that your visitors are using.

In this article, we'll outline three steps to help you activate the multi-language feature for your Judge.me widgets.

Step 1. Publish translated languages in Shopify

First, please make sure that you have added and published your Translated languages in your Shopify's Store languages settings. This helps us detect the locale of your store and display the correct languages of your Judge.me widgets (from our 35 supported languages). For example, if your store is translated into French, we'll change the widget text into French.

Step 2. Update extra permissions for Judge.me

To use this feature, please permit us to manage your price rules, locales, and translations. You'll be asked to update these permissions when you activate the multi-language widgets for the first time in Settings > Timing and Format > Language Info.

Step 3. Check your multi-language widgets

Now, if you go back to your Language Info, you can see the list of languages that your widgets will be translated into.

If you are using the Debut theme, your users can choose the store languages from a drop-down menu placed in the footer. Other themes and their geolocation app may add the language menu in other places.

Here is an example of the widget texts that have been translated into Spanish.


  • We only translate your widget-facing text (i.e. titles, buttons, review form fields, etc.) based on our 35 languages available. If you want to translate your review content, please check our integration with Weglot.
  • This feature is available on the Forever Free plan. If you are on the Awesome plan and have customized texts on top of our automatic translation, we will use customized texts on your shop's default language and automatic translations for other translated languages.
Lily Vuong

Lily is the Marketing Writer at Judge.me. She is a tech-savvy content enthusiast who takes ownership of writing promotional and instructional content for Judge.me's Knowledge Base and Blog to help accelerate our growth. Lily holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and has 3 years of experience in Marketing for international tech companies. Before Judge.me, Lily was the Marketing Specialist at IT Consultis, a digital agency specialized in omnichannel projects for clients across APAC. She loves reading books, learning new technologies, traveling around and taking great pictures.