May 18, 2020

Improvement: Custom Forms

Judge.me is ready to unveil new and updated features for you today!

Custom Forms

We have been hard at work continually trying to improve your experience with our application and are happy to announce a big update to our Custom forms. With this feature you can gather better information from customers about your products rather than just reviews only. We have upgraded the user interface of our custom form dashboard and added the ability to copy and delete custom forms, not just edit them. You can now install custom questions to ask customers and adjust the form of them such as multiple choice (checkbox), or single choice (radio). 

You can adjust how you associate your custom forms for:

  • Some products only (via shopify tags, e.g. ask users “Is the shoe fit narrow, normal or wide?” for all products tagged “shoe”)
  • All products that have not been tagged with any custom form (like NPS: Would you recommend this item to your friends or family?)
  • Shop reviews (e.g. How would you rate your experience with us so far?)

This is a huge upgrade now as previously custom forms would appear for all reviews, now you have greater control over where you want them to appear letting you collect useful data from your customers. We have also improved the way you can order the questions. We currently allow clients to have up to 10 custom forms per store. We also are releasing 4 new templates to help give you a better idea of how to use the custom forms: NPS ratings for products and shops, Demographic questions, and other Useful questions. You can use these templates right out of the box or further customize them to suit your needs.

Here are some of our articles going more in-depth about what Custom forms can do for you and how to use them:

Custom forms 101:   Overview about how to set up your custom forms

Custom form types: Use our custom templates to quickly get NPS ratings and other useful information

Custom form templates: How to send out specific questions for specific products only based on Shopify tags

Lily Vuong

Lily is the Marketing Writer at Judge.me. She is a tech-savvy content enthusiast who takes ownership of writing promotional and instructional content for Judge.me's Knowledge Base and Blog to help accelerate our growth. Lily holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and has 3 years of experience in Marketing for international tech companies. Before Judge.me, Lily was the Marketing Specialist at IT Consultis, a digital agency specialized in omnichannel projects for clients across APAC. She loves reading books, learning new technologies, traveling around and taking great pictures.