Judge.me is eager to reveal improvements to our review dashboard!

First, you will be able to search for reviews by searching for the product in the review dashboard. We have also improved the user interface with the goal of making it easier for you when replying to reviews. Furthermore, all actions that you can do for reviews are now displayed on the right side of the page. Tired of not being able to move reviews manually? There is good news for that! New actions are available which include moving reviews from one product to another or turning it into a shop review, viewing more information on the review such as coupon information and status, as well as sharing the reviews to social media sites. Finally, there are advanced filtering options ready for you to use such as filtering by verified or unverified reviews, date ranges for the review, and even by review source!

A quick recap:

1. Improved user interface for a more streamlined approach at managing your reviews!

2. You are now able to filter and search for reviews more conveniently.

3. Actions for each review, such as moving reviews or social sharing buttons, are now all displayed on the right side for ease of access.