May 18, 2020

New Email Templates: User-friendly Drag-and-Drop Blocks & Flexible Customization

Understanding that review request emails play a vital role in helping you build social proof for your online store and understand the customer experience, Judge.me has revamped the Email Templates feature to make it more user-friendly and customizable so that you can create emails that perfectly fit the needs of your business. 

So, what can you find in the new Email Templates?

1 - Friendly drag-and-drop blocks

In the old email editor, you can only choose from some fixed templates and edit some variables such as text or color. Now, with the new Email Templates, you can use the user-friendly drag-and-drop blocks to add any content, at any position to your email, with various customization. There are three types of blocks for you to choose from:

  • Layout: full width, 50% - 50%, 34% - 66%, 66% - 34%
  • Content: text, picture, line, spacer, button
  • Judge.me Review Request Blocks: form, stars, shop review, multi-product, suggestions
judgeme email templates blocks

2 - More flexible ways to collect reviews

Previously, Single Review Email Template and Multi Review Email Template are two separate templates. If you want your customers to review a single product, you send the first template, if you want them to review multiple products, you send the second one. You can’t have a mix between them.

Now, with the new Email Templates, you are free to include both single review (Form) and multi review (Multi Product) in one template, together with other new blocks such as step-by-step review (Star) and shop review.


  • This block provides you with an in-email form for customers to review your products directly inside the email they receive from you. 
  • You can customize the title of the form, placeholder, button text, button background, star color and so on.
judgeme email templates form

Multi Product

  • This block allows you to add multiple products from your customers' order. Each product includes an image, a title and a review button that links customers to the “write a review” form on that product page.
  • You can customize the block title, button text, picture size, button color, button background, and so on.
judgeme email templates multi product


  • This block opens a step-by-step review form for a single product that asks customers to upload a picture first.
  • You can customize the star color.

Shop Review

  • This block allows customers to submit a shop review by linking them to the “write a review” form on the All Reviews Page.
  • You can customize the button text, button background, star color and so on.
judgeme email templates shop reviews

You can create multiple Email Templates and activate the templates you want by clicking on them. Judge.me will choose a random active template when the review request is sent. In the next version, an A/B testing feature will be available so that you can send different templates to different segments and figure out the most effective email template for your business.

3 - Go beyond the purpose of reviewing a product

Another interesting block in the new Email Templates is the Suggestions block. 

  • This block helps you show a list of product recommendations with a “Buy Now” button linking customers to the product page. By adding this block, your review request email now becomes a channel for you to up-sell, cross-sell or promote new products. 
  • You can choose among 4 different ways to display your products: Bought Together, Top Sellers, Most Reviewed, or Random Selection.
  • You can also change the number of products, and other customization of text, images, and buttons.

In brief, the new Email Templates allows you to:

  • Design your review request emails with drag-and-drop blocks, which are more user-friendly and customizable
  • Provide your customers an easier way to submit reviews to different products 
  • Increase your sales by adding recommended products inside your emails

Now, go ahead and play around with new Email Templates! Check these articles to learn more about how to get started and make use of this tool.

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Check our Knowledge Base and Forums if you have any questions about Judge.me’s features.

New features and announcements will be updated regularly on our Blog.

Lily Vuong

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