Judge.me is ready to announce yet another exciting new feature, Blacklist Automation by Tags!

Our team has been hard at work creating this incredibly useful new tool for you! Now you can blacklist by tagging either certain products, customers, or orders. This will now give you a considerable amount of control over how you send out review requests. By using this feature you can exclude review requests specifically based on the tags you create for your store in shopify. Do you have a product or a group of products that you no longer want to send out reviews for? You can single out a product and exclude it from sending out review requests or a group of products by tagging various. Has a customer requested that they no longer wish to requests from you? Exclude them from ever receiving your review request emails by tagging them. Finally, by tagging specific orders you can exclude it from sending out any new review requests.

For more information please see our helpdesk article here