Judge.me has a brand new feature for you, the Q&A Badge! 

You can now showcase any questions you have for your products right next to the review stars. A question bubble icon can now appear beside the preview badge with this setting enabled. This will allow users to click on it to be taken directly to the Q&A tab in the review widget which contains questions and answers about your product. With this feature you will be able to encourage potential customers to see how many questions other clients are asking about your products. The Q&A badge can also be displayed on the collection page next to the review stars as well. Please note that the preview badge must be enabled so the Q&A badge can be displayed. 

To recap:

1. The Q&A badge can now showcase how many questions a product has much like the preview badge does for reviews.

2. This badge is able to be displayed on the collection and product pages and is connected to the preview badge.

3. Encourage your clients to click and read the questions and answers related to your product with this feature.