Today we are happy to proclaim that Product Reviews and Also Bought - Recommendations have now integrated and are fully functioning together!

Also Bought is a Shopify App that streamlines the process of adding a place below your products that shows what other products that customers will buy together. At a simple click of your mouse you can install it and have it ready to trigger impulse purchases to products that customers like to also buy. The app uses complex algorithms and analyzes the data of purchases in your store to give you a powerful automatic recommendation engine that will increase your stores growth. Product Reviews will gather all your product reviews and display them on the recommended products bar. Seeing other products with our stars customers can effortlessly add them to the cart through the Also Bought app. This will help your store advertise other products that customers will often buy together.

Thanks to our integration you can now:

1.  Help show off your most popular and most liked products using our Review app, increasing the chance of cross-selling products.

2.  Enable review stars to all related products recommended by Also Bought.

3.   Easily customize how your review stars and how your product review count show up on the recommended products!

For more information on integration please visit our helpdesk article.: