Judge.me Product Reviews app Integration with Personalizer by Limespot is now live and a success!

About Personalizer:
Now you can smoothly increase your revenue and conversion rate with Personalizer’s algorithm that accurately records data which assists in recommending products. Complex upselling and cross-selling tools all within your reach with a simple click. Install and customize then preview the appearance when it is ready to publish. Real time data tracking helps you analyze and improve your stores performance.

Accelerate your stores growth by integrating Judge.me Product Reviews with Personalizer. Customers are more likely to impulse purchase and buy products together if they see the products with our review stars on them showing off how popular they are. Drive sales up by showing off your most popular and most reviewed products.

Now with our Integration you can:

1.  Promote related products identified by Personalizer by adding Judge.me review stars directly to them.

2. Customize our review stars and product review count on products that Personalizer identifies as a related product.

3. For more advanced users, customizable CSS for our review stars directly in the app!

For more information on how to integrate please visit our helpdesk