Judge.me and Recomatic by Wordsense are pleased to announce that we have integrated our applications!

Recomatic is an extremely resourceful app that can help drive your sales upwards by creating a related products section that makes sense. Default related products sections are often mismatched and just plain random. The algorithm Recomatic uses creates smart related products sections that are tailored to fit your customers and only get better with time. Managing related products sections can be time consuming, so let Recomatic do it for you to save on precious time. The sections created by their app can be easily inserted in any theme.

Now with our integration you can also show off Judge.me review stars in the related products section created by Recomatic. This will help to further increase your cross-sell and upsell rates by building the social proof you need when your clients see our review stars for your products.

To recap: 

1. Related products section that will be driven by AI and not just be randomly selected.

2. Show off your reviews in the related products section created by Recomatic!