We're happy to announce that we now offer a new integration with the Shopify app ReConvert post purchase upsell

ReConvert is an app on the Shopify app store for "thank you" page optimization. It allows you to customize your "thank you" page with a easy to use drag & drop interface.

You can now add review stars (preview badges) to your ReConvert "thank you" page. You will be able to include the review stars to the "upsell" section and "product recommendation" section.

Do you want to try out our new integration with ReConvert?

The app is completely free until you reach 50 orders/month , they also have a 30 day trial period!

For more information on how to set this up, you can go to this article in our helpdesk and you can see the integration now appear in the Judge.me settings.

Have a great day!