Judge.me excitedly announcing a new integration with Sparq Instant & Smart Search!

With Sparq Instant & Smart Search you can set up a high quality search and filter tool for your store. This will make the product discovery experience much smoother and boost your conversion rate by making it easier for your clients to find your products. With powerful filter features that let them quickly find what they are looking for you will reduce the chance a client leaves your store before finding what they want. Thanks to this integration Sparq will now be able to filter your products by the average rating that your products have in our app Judge.me Product Reviews. This is an incredibly useful feature that will attract customers to your highest rated products. Our review stars will also be able to be displayed in search results in their application. 

A quick recap: 

1. Sparq Instant & Smart Search will pull your products review information from our app Judge.me Product Reviews.

2. Filter products by how many stars they are rated.

3. Display review stars in search results.