May 18, 2020

New Integration: Wiser - Personalized Recommendations

New Integration Launched! is now integrated with Wiser - the personalized recommendations app on Shopify. Check it out!

Why it matters
Gartner predicted that by 2020, smart personalization engines will enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15%, proving the importance of having a product recommendations engine on your e-commerce website.

How this integration benefits you

Wiser lets you personalize your buyers’ shopping experience by showcasing a carousel of product recommendations, related products, recently viewed products, top-selling products and frequently bought together products. You can also send personalized product recommendations via emails and have access to a comprehensive dashboard to track the performance of your widgets. gives you a handy integration to further enhance the power of Wiser as a product recommendations app. After you enable Reviews in Wiser's dashboard, product review stars and ratings will show up in the carousel of product recommendations, providing a more trustworthy experience to your customers and increasing the chance that your recommended products will be picked.

These smart widgets can be displayed on different sections of your e-commerce website, for instance, the homepage, product page, thank-you page, and basically anywhere that your customers may land on.

To sum up, this new integration allows you to:

  • Display your Wiser’s product recommendations with’s stars-rating product reviews
  • Bring your customers a more personalized and trustworthy experience
  • Increase the chance of upselling and cross-selling your products

How to enable this new integration? Check our help desk for detailed instructions.

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If you have any questions, visit our Knowledge Base.

Lily Vuong

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