Judge.me is pleased to announce a new integration with Zapier!

Zapier is a robust application that comes with a large amount of features aimed at making your life easier. The main aspect of Zapier would be automation. Automating and moving information between your apps easily first by integrating the web apps you use most then creating “Zaps”. These Zaps can be configured into complex processes that will be streamlined for you. All of these features do not require any coding knowledge either!

Judge.me will now introduce innovating new features with Zapier. Automatically set up processes for new reviews that such as adding the new review to a database/spreadsheet, filter negative keywords for new reviews then create a support ticket for the review, or even automate your review curation based on the settings specified in Zapier. Questions and answers triggers will also be available functioning in the same way. Whenever a customer asks a question Zapier can automate your response. Likewise, when you answer a question automate an email to be sent asking them if they were satisfied with the response!

To summarize: 

1. Zapier and Judge.me will now operate together with the goal of automating tasks for you.

2. New reviews will prompt an action by Zapier depending on the “Zap” you set up.

3. Automate your Q&A section with ease thanks to Zapier!