Judge.me is ready to unveil a convenient new feature for Awesome users!

Review Request Order

This new feature allows users on the awesome plan the ability to change the order in which we send out review request emails. Simply go to Settings > Review Request > Timing and Format > Request Review Product Order to do so. Previously, our application would send out review request emails based on the cost of the products your clients bought (most expensive products were prioritized). Now in our app settings you have more options to choose from such as least expensive products first, a random order, or products with the least amount of reviews. Please note, it will only be able to affect new orders that have been made after the setting has been changed. 

A quick recap:

1. New order for review request emails!

2. Most expensive is the default option

3. Least expensive products first, random order of products to get a good distribution across all products, or products with the least amount of reviews are all brand new options for the order of review requests..