Searchanise | The Evolution of a Smart Search for Better Sales

Searchanise is the advanced smart search and commercial solution app that allows Shopify customers and merchants alike to see product reviews, relevant categories and search suggestions as they type. Searchanise is integrated with Product Reviews app to help merchants display their product ratings in search results. In this blog article, we interviewed Angelina Morozova - Marketing Manager at Searchanise, who kindly shared us the evolution of Searchanise and useful advice on how to build a customer-focused app.

How Searchanise Evolved

Searchanise was founded in 2012 as a successful CS-Cart marketplace platform. As an online multi-vendor marketplace, Searchanise gave shop owners the ability to manage their website while hosting third-party vendors who provided products and services.

During this period, the team noticed “one similar thing across different platforms”. Angelina said:

“They all had poor default search solutions!”

This issue needed to be fixed properly.

Voila! Searchanise was born. It was the end of the dreaded hunt for an online product. No more surfing the web only to end up asking questions like:

  • “Why was it so hard to search for a product within an online store?”
  • “Why doesn’t the default search bar return any good results?”
  • “How is it that I’m trying to search for something and getting nothing?”

The idea of a smart search solution was first deployed on the Searchanise CS-Cart platform and luckily gained a lot of traction. Customers were smitten with the idea of smart search suggestions and Searchanise began to see their idea come to life. A couple of years later, they entered the Shopify app store and since then, have grown to over 8000 clients. From a small multi-vendor marketplace startup, Searchanise has become an all-in-one search and navigation tool used throughout e-commerce stores.

"One of the best parts of integrating Searchanise is the ability to replace several other apps you could have in your store."

Not only does it search smartly, but it also allows easy navigation and acts as an up-selling and cross-selling tool. Today, Searchanise has grown into an independent product available through several online platforms. They sum themselves up best saying:

“We strive to make user’s search as easy, comfortable and informative as we can. Using custom-made APIs, Searchanise supports thousands of e-commerce businesses around the world. Our team of dedicated developers constantly improves the quality of our product to deliver the fastest and the most accurate search results following our clients’ wishes!”

Advice from Searchanise: Always Listen to Your Customers

One piece of advice Searchanise has always stood behind is always listening to your customers. It’s easy to go the usual route of search engine optimization to help your business take off, but having a user-friendly experience will make all the difference. Angelina revealed:

“As a person who started as part of the support team of Searchanise, I’ve seen how our app has evolved and helped our customers."

Providing such a seamless smart search integration, Searchanise has received remarkably positive feedback from their clients; for example, Suits Outlets, an online men’s clothing company and a long time Searchanise client. Having a simple, yet effective search interface for customers was crucial to the online success of our client, Angelina informed us. Suits Outlets even thought of switching from Shopify to Magento, due to the number of suits their store held and the difficulty their customers faced when trying to search through them all. They believed the ideal shopping experience allowed customers to find what they were looking for in less than five clicks, therefore integrating Searchanise helped their store flourish in ways they could have never imagined.

Suits Outlets is just one example that an exceptional business can be built within a year if you’re willing to take care of your store and always thinking of your customers.

Searchanise and

“If you run an online business today, the two most important things you can do to attract customers is to have great searchability and great reviews,”

Angelina advised,

“It’s always about the people, my team always goes above and beyond customer expectations to make a difference.” 

One of Searchanise’s strategic moves is to integrate with partner review apps like, which allows online merchants to: 

  • Show your product in Smart & Instant Search with its average rating and amount of reviews
  • Show preview badges (rating stars) below your products in Smart Navigation
  • Filter your product in the Smart Navigation search results by their average rating
  • Search by product titles, reviews, and descriptions

A big thank you to Angelina from Searchanise for taking the time to give us the inside scoop on Searchanise!

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