August 15, 2023

We’re Making Some Changes to Boost Consumer Trust

At Judge.me, we’re always looking for ways to increase customer confidence in reviews, and Shopify is doing the same. They’ve just released new guidelines designed to make sure that customers can make informed buying decisions and enjoy their overall shopping experience.

To comply with these, we will be removing or amending some of our features.

  • Move review: We’ll no longer give merchants the ability to move reviews from one product to another.
  • Admin review: Merchants will also no longer be allowed to leave a review themselves via the Reviews Dashboard.
  • Edit review: Merchants will not be able to edit reviews to the extent that it changes the meaning of the original. Only small edits of up to 30 characters will be permitted from now on, and star ratings will not be able to be changed. Edits beyond 30 characters will be discarded. Merchants will still be able to request a review update directly from the reviewer in question.

We’ll keep you updated on any further changes. For now, thank you for using Judge.me.