August 22, 2023

August Shopify Tech Partners Event: 'The Power of Branding' and 'Creating Meaningful Partnerships'

Somehow we’re already in the second half of 2023, and that also meant our seventh Shopify Tech Partners Meetup down at our offices in Old Street.

At the mid-point of summer, on a balmy August evening, London’s tech community descended on HQ for a memorable evening of talks, networking, and plenty of food and drink.

This time, we gave the floor to Emili Horncastle of Zapiet, the delivery, pickup, and shipping scheduling app for Shopify. Emili is the Lead Designer and Head of Marketing at Zapiet, and a true cosmopolitan who once described her office as anywhere with ‘good internet and great coffee’.

Branding power

How do you build a brand you love to work with on the Shopify app store? Emili had the answers.

As she explained, the secret recipe includes a map of the things you love, a drop of inspiration from other industries, a dash of idea collections presented in a timeline format and just a sprinkle of getting started so you don’t get stuck.

In other words, preparation, presentation and implementation. It’s great advice.

Partnerships with meaning

Creating the right API can make all the difference, said Emili. And identifying and creating the meaningful partnerships that make that happen is a two-step process.

If you work in a niche space, you need to recognise that, and go looking for a gateway to other audiences and consumers. You want to find a partnership that opens up your world. Then there’s the action stage: co-marketing, attending events, and creating brand collaborations all have the effect of bringing great businesses together – and achieving great things together.

For Emili, the key thing to remember with all of this, is that investing in your business is the key to your success. That means investing your time, someone else’s time, or even your mum’s time. That’s what mums are for, right?

Some news

We’re always looking to be better, and we love to share the latest goings-on at with our friends in the tech community. Among other things, we’ve given Custom Questions a boost. You can now display all your answers next to one another, making them more compact and easier to read.

You can also filter by age, shoe size, skin type, and more. You can look at the average responses for questions that appear on a rating scale or slider. That means you can make decisions more quickly than ever.

And we were delighted to be featured in Shopify Editions for Summer ‘23 for our integration with the Shop app. The integration lets merchants syndicate reviews between the Shop app and their storefront, helping customers to buy with confidence.

Thank you to everyone who came to the event and engaged with our speakers. We hope you learned a ton and enjoyed yourselves. You can find the presentation shared by the speakers here.

Stay tuned here for our next event.

And get in touch with us if you'd like to be one of our guest speakers or featured on our Spotlight blog series (or if you just feel like having a chat).

Until next time.

The Team