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December 2, 2023

Awesome Product Review Examples from Top Brands

In today's online shopping world, what customers say about your products can shape how people see your brand. Just a few good comments about quality can mean more than lots of fancy product pictures.

In this article, we'll showcase inspiring ways brands have displayed their customer reviews. We'll briefly discuss why product reviews, even negative ones, are essential to your store, and then we'll move on to great examples. 

Why do product reviews matter to your store?

You've probably heard a lot about how product reviews boost your sales, build trust, and improve your store's credibility and SEO. But what about negative reviews? Are they really that bad? Actually, they can be great for your online store.

Believe it or not, having a mix of positive and negative reviews can make your store more trustworthy. Studies have shown that 67% of buyers prefer to see this mix before making a purchase. It shows potential customers that you can handle both positive and negative feedback, adding credibility to your business.

Moreover, if you respond to all positive or negative reviews, you're likely to win over your customers. In fact, 88% of consumers are more likely to use a business that engages with all kinds of reviews. 

When you address negative feedback and show your commitment to solving customer issues, you can turn a negative review into a glowing 5-star rating. Your excellent customer service can make a real difference!

Must-see product review examples that will inspire you

Now that you know even negative reviews offer a chance to shine, what are you waiting for? Explore our carefully curated product review examples to spark ideas for your eCommerce business!

1. IKEA -  Create a side menu of product reviews for quick insights

Ikea, the famous brand known for its furniture, lighting, textiles, tools, and more, has made our lives easier. Their smart way of displaying product reviews saves us a lot of time.  We no longer have to spend hours reading customer reviews; Ikea's system has made choosing what to buy much simpler!

What we love about IKEA product reviews

A handy side menu pops up when you click on the reviews section on an Ikea product page. Here, you can easily see overall customer ratings for various aspects of the product. Each item is rated based on different factors, and a scale shows how well it performs in each category.

Source: IKEA

For instance, with this potted plan, your customers can rate it based on factors such as its value, appearance, quality, and simplicity of installation. These criteria adjust automatically based on the product you're looking at. This approach of showcasing product reviews helps shoppers make swift decisions without diving into lengthy reviews. 

If customers want to read in-depth reviews, they just need to scroll down a bit and sort them by oldest or top-rated. And if they wish, they can even indicate whether they'd recommend the item.

Source: IKEA

2. Thigh Society - Guarantee detailed customer reviews on every product page

Thigh Society, a fashion bottomwear brand, displays customer reviews and star ratings given by customers on all product pages. 

What we love about Thigh Society product reviews

Leveraging’s custom questions, Thigh Society’s reviews come with 3 aspects - fit, pant size, and size purchased; ensuring you can buy that perfectly match your body type. Reviewers rate the fit, ranging from ‘runs small’, 'true to size', to 'runs big', providing valuable insights to potential buyers in making the right choice.

Source: Thigh Society

Customers also share their usual pant size and the size they purchased. These details make reviews reliable and persuasive for new shoppers.

An impressive feature is their verification badge of the reviews, showcasing the great attempt from the brand to go above and beyond to use genuine feedback from real-life customers. This small badge boosts confidence among potential buyers, allowing them to see how trustworthy the reviews and brand are. 

3. InArt - Leverage third-party apps to collect and showcase product reviews effortlessly

InArt specializes in offering homeware and kitchen interior products. They created their professional eCommerce store with the Foxify page builder app and collected product reviews using the app

What we love about InArt product reviews:

There's much to learn from InArt's approach to displaying product reviews using Instead of only allowing text reviews, customers can upload videos or photos featuring real-life products. This gives new buyers a clearer understanding of each product before purchasing. 

Source: InArt

InArt also uses the Questions and Answers widget, enabling customers to inquire about products directly and receive prompt responses. This not only showcases their high-quality customer service but also attracts new buyers, as 70% of customers decide to purchase from a brand based on its service quality.

Source: InArt

Additionally, InArt has incorporated various widgets from the app, such as displaying Medals as badges and showcasing the number of verified product reviews. These strategies help build customer trust, ensuring a positive shopping experience.

4. Kirrin Finch - A creative showcase of product reviews in a blog-style format

Kirrin Finch, a standout Shopify store, specializes in eco-conscious menswear-inspired apparel. They provide androgynous fashion and tomboy-style clothing suitable for a variety of female and non-binary body types.

What we love about Kirrin Finch product reviews

They meticulously craft blog articles featuring authentic wedding stories sourced from customer interviews. Through these interviews, prospective buyers can discover why these customers chose Kirrin Finch to design their special wedding suits and their unique experiences with Kirrin Finch's services.

Source: Kirrin Finch

These articles serve as expansive canvases, painting vivid pictures of real customer encounters, brand services, and inspiring tales. This acts as a compelling lure for new visitors.

An effortless way to add product reviews into your Shopify store

Our integration with Foxify Smart Page builder simplifies the process of incorporating customer reviews into your store. With Foxify app, your creativity knows no bounds when it comes to customizing widgets to perfectly match your brand's unique style. 

This section will guide you in using Foxify app to embed and personalize customer reviews on your eCommerce store. You can read this article to learn how to install Foxify app in seconds.

Step 1: Install app extension

Navigate to the App section in your Shopify admin, select App extensions, search for, and install the extension for free.

Source: Foxify Smart page builder

Step 2: Display review widgets on your store pages

Assume that you want to display the Review Widget and Star Rating Badge:

  • Review widget serves as the core widget, gathering and displaying product reviews directly on your product pages.
  • On your product page, click Add section
Source: Foxify Smart page builder
  • Select Extensions and click on Reviews widget to display this widget on your online store.
Source: Foxify Smart page builder
  • Star Rating Badge indicates both the total number of product reviews and the overall rating of your products. 
  • On your product page, Go to the Main product information section > Click Add block.
Source: Foxify Smart page builder
  • Select Extensions and click on Star Rating to display this widget on your site. You can freely drag the widget anywhere on the page according to your preference.
Source: Foxify Smart page builder

Step 3: Customize your product reviews

The Foxify app offers a plethora of customization options to match your brand's aesthetic seamlessly.

Once you've added the reviews, head over to the General tab on the right. There, you can incorporate pre-built, stunning animation effects for displaying the reviews, ensuring your page captivates your audience.

Source: Foxify Smart page builder

Looking to make your text more engaging? Easily tweak the typography from the Styles tab on the right. Foxify app even allows you to upload your own fonts beyond the limited Google fonts, setting your store apart from the rest.

Source: Foxify Smart page builder

Moreover, you have the flexibility to design background colors, borders, spacing, and sizing according to your preferences. Remember to click Save when you are satisfied with your customizations.

See how effortless it is to integrate review widgets using the Foxify app, especially for singular pages like your homepage or product pages?

Once your review widgets are integrated into your product pages, all you need to do is encourage your happy customers to leave their feedback!

Final word

When it comes to online reviews, merely having a five-star rating won't make your business stand out. Even if your star rating is high, it lacks impact without a written review from a customer. Fortunately, a straightforward and effective way to enhance your product reviews is by using review apps like

These apps offer various widgets to showcase your customer reviews, making your brand more trustworthy and giving your visitors the confidence to buy without any doubts. It would be even more perfect if you let the Foxify app unleash your creativity in crafting stunning product reviews. So, why not give it a try and witness the remarkable changes it can bring to your store?