April 10, 2023

Offer Discounts in Judge.me When Customers Refer Your Stores

In a world of bombarded advertising, consumers are switching their attention to more personalized recommendations from someone they trust. McKinsey's research found that 63% of GenZ consumers use recommendations from friends as the most trusted source for finding their desired products and brands. Starting a referral program is almost effortless because you can now do it directly in your review app: Judge.me.

What you can do with Judge.me referral feature

1 - Friend reward: attract more leads when customers refer your stores

With Judge.me referrals, you can generate and display a referral link after your customers complete a purchase on your Shopify stores. Your customers can copy and share this referral link with their friends.

By enabling the "Friend reward" in Judge.me, your customer's friends can get a discount if they use the referral link to make a purchase. By leveraging the power of trusted recommendations and a generous discount, you will soon expect a boost in both sales and awareness. Unlike mass marketing, referrals help you reach the right customers easier because existing customers usually refer your stores to the people they think would fit the most. As a result, referred leads are more likely to convert and stay longer with your brands.

After completing a purchase, your customers can share a referral link with their friends.
Their friends can get a discount on their next purchase.

2 - Customer reward: encourage customers to refer your stores even more

You can also double down the effect of your referral campaign by using two-sided referrals, or the "Customer reward" feature in Judge.me, your customer's friends can get a discount if they use the referral link to make a purchase, and your customer can also get a discount after the friends make a purchase. As a result, you can attract even more leads, and your customers can enjoy benefits when sharing your stores. Win-win.

With "customer reward" enabled, your customers can also get a discount back if their friends make a purchase.
Lily Vuong

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