May 18, 2020

How to Send Effective A/B Testing Email Campaigns

Are you looking for ways to optimize your email performance? Do you have various ideas for email design but can't decide which one to go with? Real data can help you make better decisions. Judge.me provides you with an easy-to-use A/B testing tool to help you compare different email template's versions and discover which one delivers the best results.

3 steps to optimize your email templates with Judge.me A/B testing

Step 1: Create different email template's versions

The new email editor offers a broader range of customizations for your review requests emails. You can test different email titles, messages, CTAs, layouts, colors, text, visuals or review request blocks to find out the combinations that work best for you. For example, if you want to compare the performance of two review request blocks: Single Product and Multi-Product, you can create two email templates like this in the email dashboard.  

A/B testing templates

Step 2: Create an A/B test

Then, you can create a new A/B test and activate the two email templates you just designed. Upon creating a test, you can determine the stop condition so that you A/B test will stop after a specific number of days or after a specific number of emails have been sent. 

judge.me a/b test

Step 3: Analyze your performance and improve the template

Now that your A/B test has been successfully completed, you will want to see how it performs! We provide a dedicated Email insights report for you to look at important metrics of your email performance. Here, you can see how many emails of each template are sent, opened, and clicked; as well as how many reviews are written and published thanks to these emails.

Learn more about different metrics in Email insights report.

Judge.me A/B testing reports

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