August 2, 2023

Get More from Custom Forms with Our New Features

Technology can do magical things. But (as many in e-commerce have wondered), can it provide the same level of personalization that you get in a brick-and-mortar store?

Increasingly, the answer is yes. And one way is through Custom Forms which prompt customers to give more detailed responses in the review requests sent out after order delivery or fulfillment. It means you can develop a truly comprehensive and vivid picture of your buyers.

With our Custom Forms, you can already gather rich data on demographic information, as well as personal information – for instance, around customers’ tastes and preferences.

And not only do questions allow brands to invite highly specific and useful information, but they encourage customers to think more deeply about their quality of purchase. That leads to more useful future reviews.

Now, we’ve given our Custom Forms feature a boost.

Horizontal displays

We want to make sifting through your Custom Forms responses as easy as possible.

That’s why now, you can now display all your Custom Forms answers next to one another. It makes them more compact and easier to read. Single and multiple-choice answers are now shown beneath the reviewer’s name in the Align theme.

Filter answers

And you can filter answers, which makes it easier to find reviews with certain attributes. You could filter by age, shoe size, skin type, or recommended yes/no, for example. And to enable the filter, just turn on “Allow filtering for this question” for each question on the Custom Forms screen. “Filters” will then show next to the “Sort by” dropdown.

See average responses

And here’s another cool feature. You can see the average responses for questions that appear on a Rating Scale or Slider. Just turn on “Show average of responses” on the Custom Forms screen. This feature makes your customers’ answers more visual and easier than ever to scan through.

Have a look at our KB article if you need any help getting started.