Judge.me is here to announce an incredible update of our Featured Review Carousel!

    To start off, we have added a very convenient way to feature your reviews in the carousel. When enabling the carousel there are options to either feature reviews automatically or manually like before. With automatic review featuring we will automatically display new five star reviews into the review carousel for you. This is especially convenient for clients who have not yet tried out our carousel, now you can display up to 50 of your most recent five star reviews easily.

    Next, we are very excited to showcase six new and unique carousel themes for you to try. Each one can be further custom-tailored to fit your theme thanks to new options for customization in the settings. These options include hiding or showing different elements of the reviews inside the carousel such as product name, reviewer name, or review date among others. You can also set the timer on the automatic slider or disable it entirely. If you have not yet tried out the carousel now is the time to do so!

To recap:

1. Convenient automatic featuring of new five star reviews.

2. Six different carousel themes to fit any style.

3. More customization options for the carousel.  

Learn more about the auto-feature function and carousel themes in our helpdesk.