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August 21, 2020

3 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement with Q&A, Custom Forms and Rewards

Nowadays, retaining customers goes beyond providing high-quality products and services. Gallup's research revealed that engaged customers bring 23% more revenue and profitability to a company compared to the average customers. Another study also found that customer engagement can have a positive impact on customer intention to give online reviews. Hence, it’s essential to engage with your customers and turn them into advocates for your business.

Customer engagement is “the process of interacting with customers through a variety of channels and strengthening your relationship with them” (Hubspot). At, we provide different features that help you increase customer engagement:

  1. Questions and Answers: clarify your customers’ concerns by letting them ask you questions, or allowing previous customers to help you answer questions.
  2. Custom Forms: understand more about your customers by asking custom questions in the Review Widget and review request emails.
  3. Coupons and Reward app integrations: give a reward to your reviewers to show appreciation and encourage them to buy more.

1 - Questions and Answers

Q&A badge and Q&A tab

Even though you’ve provided detailed product information, your potential customers may have questions for you. Having a dedicated Q&A section gives you a unique opportunity to educate your customers and showcase your product expertise. This feature also lets you build a set of FAQs for your store, which helps future customers be more well-informed about your products.

If you are on the Awesome plan, you can add a Q&A badge (below your product titles, next to your star rating) and Q&A tab (next to your reviews tab in the Review Widget). The Q&A badge shows the total number of questions you’ve received. When you click on this badge, you will jump to a Q&A tab displaying all the questions and answers. 


  • The Q&A badge only appears if you enable the star rating (Preview Badge).
  • You can choose to display the Q&A badge next to the Preview Badge or in a new row.

Ask Community

Community discussion is one of the best ways (yet commonly overlooked) prove that you value the knowledge from your customers. Answers from actual buyers highlight their authentic, real experiences with your products, and sometimes your buyers may even have better solutions than you! For example, if one customer is asking you for a new way to use your product that you’ve never thought of, it can be a good idea to ask your previous buyers if they’ve tried that way. 

Our Ask Community feature can help you do that. This feature allows you to ask recent buyers to answer the questions you receive via the Q&A tab on your Review Widget. 

Your community of buyers will receive an email with an in-mail form where they can give you the answers directly.

3 - Custom Forms

Gathering specific feedback helps you understand more about your customers and address their needs immediately. With our Custom Forms (on’s Awesome plan), you can add a set of custom questions to your Review Widget and review request emails. These questions can range from demographics, shopping experience, net promoter score, to specific functionalities of your products. 

In a previous blog article, we’ve introduced five tips to understand your customers better with Custom Forms, and presented some examples of custom forms from users.

Example of custom questions from

4 - Coupon & Reward App Integrations

The positive impact of rewards on customer engagement can impress you. Research by Wirecard revealed that after receiving a reward, over 75% of consumers made another purchase, over 50% shared their experience with others, over 35% left a positive review, and over 15% posted on social media.

With our Coupons (on’s Awesome plan), you can encourage your customers to keep coming back to your store. You can define the reward conditions in your settings, for example, the minimum rating or review content that is eligible for a reward. Then, we’ll send an automatic email with your coupon code after your customers submit a review.

You can also integrate with a reward app of your choice to personalize your rewards even more. We will notify your integrated reward app to send rewards (instead of our default coupons) when a new review meets your reward conditions. is currently integrated with a variety of rewards and loyalty apps, including, Swell, Liana (owned by Beans), Flits, Ekoma, and Gameball.

Example of reward app integration with Gameball

Ready to engage?

We hope that these three tips are useful for you to connect with your customers. An engaged customer is more likely to stay with you and can even become a promoter for your brand. More than selling products and collecting reviews, let’s keep your customers engaged via meaningful interactions and cultivate long-term relationships with them.

Lily Vuong

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