August 10, 2022

How Optimized Our App Navigation for Shopify's Best Practices

This article covers three main improvements we have made to our app navigation to meet Shopify’s best practices as an embedded app on both desktop and mobile interfaces.

  1. The app nav is now on your left sidebar
  2. We use breadcrumbs and CTAs for easy navigation
  3. We’ve optimized the navigation for mobile

1 - The app nav is now on your left sidebar

You can find our app nav on the left sidebar of your Shopify admin and click on different pages to navigate to the section you want.

*Tip: You can pin our app to the left sidebar for easy access later. After the app is pinned, you can click on its name to open the app nav.

2 - We've added breadcrumbs and CTAs for faster navigation

Page titles (e.g., Home, Manage Reviews, Settings, etc.) are shown on the top left of your app screen, as shown in the screenshot below. When you navigate to more detailed pages, we’ll show the breadcrumbs so you can return to the previous page without using the browser button.

There are also some CTA (call-to-action) buttons on the right to help you quickly perform some essential actions, such as “Add a review,” “Import & Export,” “Enable Questions & Answers,” etc.

3 - We’ve optimized the navigation for mobile

Using Shopify mobile app? No worries, our app nav is mobile-friendly! On mobile, the title of each page is shown on top of your screen. You can open the full menu by clicking on the page title. Call-to-action buttons are located near the bottom of the screen, just above the main navigation of your Shopify mobile app.

Lily Vuong

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