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July 22, 2020

6 Automated Workflows with - Zapier Integration

Workflow automation helps you get rid of manual tasks and concentrate on more strategic decisions for your business.

With, you can simplify many cross-platform activities using our integration with Zapier, a powerful workflow automation platform. When your store receives a new review, Zapier will get information from and notify your destination apps to perform specific actions; for example, sending a targeted email, or updating a spreadsheet.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some popular cases where the - Zapier integration can streamline your workflows and improve your efficiency.

*Note: To enable Zapier integration, from your admin dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Automatic Integrations > Zapier. Check this helpdesk article for details.

1/ Add reviewers as email subscribers to send targeted email campaigns

If you want to contact customers with negative reviews to figure out what’s happened and offer solutions, try the automation between and Email by Zapier. Email by Zapier is a built-in tool that helps you send a customized email to the reviewer’s email addresses pulled from 

You can set up a filter to trigger reviews with specific conditions (e.g. reviews with one star, reviews containing negative words such as "bad", "unsatisfied", "poor", etc.). Zapier will send the emails only when a new review in meets your conditions.

If you would like to send your emails from third-party tools, you can use Klaviyo, MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, etc. as destination apps. Klaviyo lets you add new reviewers as subscribers, while MailChimp also allows you to create and send email campaigns from Zapier.

*Note: When you send a MailChimp campaign from Zapier, you'll send it to all subscribers in your chosen list. So if you want to send the email to one person at a time, try setting up an Automation within MailChimp.

Click "Use this Zap" to create your automation:

2/ Filter out reviews with negative keywords and create customer support tickets

If you are a large company dealing with hundreds of reviews every day, it’s helpful to set up automation between and a customer support app such as Freshdesk, Zendesk, Intercom, Help Scout, etc.

For example, with Freshdesk, you can filter out reviews with one star or containing negative words and create Freshdesk support tickets, which reduces the manual workload of your support agents.

Click "Use this Zap" to create your automation:

3/ Record reviews in spreadsheets for analysis and future improvements

Reviews provide you a good source of insights for product improvements. To record new reviews for further analysis, try creating the automation between and a database app such as Airtable, Google Sheets, Quip, etc. From this, you may find new ideas for product improvements or re-marketing activities.

If you have many sources of reviews, you can also create similar automation with other sources to record all your reviews into a single platform.

Click "Use this Zap" to create your automation:

4/ Send an SMS or push notification when your store receives a new review

Getting notifications of new reviews allows you to be on top of the situation. Zapier integration lets you send a push notification (via Pushover, OneSignal, etc.) or SMS (via SMS by Zapier, Twilio, etc.) to your mobile phone when your store receives a new review.

You can filter out the subset of reviews you would like to receive notifications (e.g. reviews from a specific product, or reviews with specific star ratings and content).

Click "Use this Zap" to create your automation:

5/ Get a digest of the best and worst reviews every week/month

Scheduling a "review digest" is also a good way to see how your reviews are performing over time. Zapier will gather the reviews you want, and push a customized digest on a specific date and time on your preferred channels. For example, you can schedule a digest of the best and worst reviews every Monday on a Slack channel.

Click "Use this Zap" to create your automation:

6/ Schedule your review social sharing on Buffer

If you have many social media channels to manage, you may be using tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialPilot, etc. And the good news is that you can schedule a review social sharing using the automation between and Buffer. You can choose the social channel you would like to share, customize your text and photo, and set the date and time for the review to go live. 

Click "Use this Zap" to create your automation:

Start your automation now

Now you’ve got six automated workflows to get started with the - Zapier integration. You can use our suggested workflows as the starting point and customize them to fit your needs. If you need help with building your automated workflows or have ideas to share with other users, feel free to contact us at or start a topic on our Forums.

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