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November 7, 2023

The Loyalty Boost: Leveraging Reviews during BFCM

Customer reviews are a valuable source of feedback for your business, serving as a potent tool to nurture trust, loyalty, and referrals among your customer base. In today's digital age, online reviews have become a cornerstone of consumer decision-making. Their widespread presence is undeniable; they permeate every facet of our lives, from helping us choose the perfect product to finding the ideal product. What's truly remarkable is the level of trust that these reviews command. 

Many consumers now place online reviews on par with personal recommendations from friends or family. Emplifi's recent research further underscores this trend, revealing that a staggering 87% of consumers prioritize real-life customer reviews and ratings when making purchasing decisions, far outweighing the influence of influencer or celebrity reviews, which impact only 50% of consumers. Additionally, the study found that a substantial 58% of those surveyed highly value product images and videos shared by actual customers when researching products online. This data highlights the growing importance of authentic, peer-generated content as a pivotal factor in shaping consumer preferences and steering purchasing decisions.

In this blog, we'll explore how you can build trust and boost customer loyalty using reviews, with a particular focus on leveraging We'll also go through strategies to make your reviews work for you, culminating in a special emphasis on harnessing the potential of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) for review generation and loyalty.

Building trust through reviews

The Influence of reviews on consumer trust

In today's digital age, trust is more important than ever. Whether you're searching for the perfect restaurant, a new smartphone, or even a vacation spot, you're likely to encounter a world of reviews guiding your choices.

Why do we trust online reviews so much? It's not just about reading a stranger's opinion. Psychologically, we find comfort in numbers and peer opinions. When we see others affirming a product or service, it reassures us that we're making a good decision. This phenomenon is known as "social proof," and it's a significant driver of consumer trust in reviews.

On the other hand, 92% of consumers, as reported in a survey by Fan & Fuel, hesitate to make a purchase if there are no reviews. This statistic underscores the critical role that reviews play in our buying decisions, highlighting that they are not just a nice-to-have but a must-have for businesses.

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Strategies to boost customer loyalty with reviews during BFCM

Your most valuable customers are those who keep coming back for more. While they may not always make the largest individual purchases, the cumulative revenue generated by repeat buyers often surpasses that of one-time, big-ticket purchasers. Beyond this financial advantage, loyal customers offer additional benefits, such as free word-of-mouth advertising and positive online reviews.

Shopify boasts strong integrations with a wide range of apps, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. and Ako Marketing are two indispensable tools that can significantly impact your strategy, particularly during the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) shopping event. When it comes to building customer loyalty, amplifying reviews, and unleashing the power of user-generated content, and Akohub’s Loyalty Program offer different benefits. To help you establish and nurture a loyal customer base, here's a list of effective strategies to consider.

1. Incentivize reviews with exclusive BFCM Offers with your loyalty program

During the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) rush, you can enhance customer engagement in two impactful ways. Incentivize reviews with exclusive BFCM offers, such as special discounts, early access to deals, and promotions, exclusively for customers who share their thoughts. Ako's Loyalty Program introduces VIP Tiers, creating a sense of exclusivity during BFCM and inspiring continued engagement with your brand. Additionally, the app provides various ways for customers to earn points, including signups, birthdays,and 1-Click Social Login and reviews. Ako's Loyalty Program, which seamlessly integrates with This integration partnership allows you to incentivize customer reviews. This not only encourages feedback but also reinforces loyalty by rewarding their engagement. For example, when adding a product review loyalty campaign with 250 points reward via Ako Marketing app, you can encourage your customers to share their reviews and earn 250 points for the next purchase.

2. Seamless email review request integration

Make it effortless for customers to leave reviews by integrating review request prompts directly into their post-purchase experience. After the order has been fulfilled or delivered, trigger a friendly request email for a review, simplifying the process and capturing their thoughts while the experience is fresh in their minds. is a review platform that can be customized to align seamlessly with your brand's identity and messaging.

3. Personalized thank-you emails

Send personalized thank-you emails to BFCM customers, expressing gratitude for their support and encouraging them to share their feedback. integrates with various email marketing apps, such as Klaviyo to help you add the human touch, making customers feel valued and more willing to reciprocate with reviews. Elevate your customer engagement with the ability to create automatic email flows triggered by submitted reviews, questions, and answers. These tailored emails are designed for various scenarios, helping you build strong connections with your customers. Configure flows for positive reviews, allowing you to feature upcoming sales and exclusive offers, enticing customers to explore more of what your brand has to offer.

4. Highlight customer success stories

Leverage positive BFCM reviews to create compelling success stories. Showcase real customer experiences on your website, social media and marketing materials, demonstrating the value of your products or services. Potential customers are more likely to trust the words of their peers.

5. Prompt and polite replies

When customers do leave reviews, respond promptly and politely. Acknowledge their feedback, whether positive or negative, and address any concerns. A proactive and respectful response shows that you value their opinions and are committed to continuous improvement. This fosters a sense of community around your brand, encouraging more reviews and engagement.

6. Create a review-focused page

Design a dedicated landing page for BFCM reviews. Feature customer testimonials prominently, along with star ratings and written reviews. This not only showcases your credibility but also serves as a go-to resource for shoppers seeking social proof during the holiday season.  

7. Harness user-generated content

Encourage customers to share photos and videos of their BFCM purchases on social media with a dedicated hashtag. Repost this user-generated content on your own social channels and website to build a sense of community and authenticity around your brand.

8. Make reviews part of your post-BFCM follow-up

After BFCM concludes, continue to gather reviews as part of your post-purchase follow-up process. Shop-level reviews offer a valuable opportunity to showcase the great customer experience, including factors such as customer support, delivery, and website user-friendliness. Incorporating these strategies into your BFCM marketing and customer engagement plans can help you not only boost loyalty but also harness the power of positive reviews, which can be a big help in attracting and retaining customers the whole year. Building a loyal customer base is an investment in the long-term success of your business, and BFCM presents a unique opportunity to kickstart this journey.

Incorporating and Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting into your BFCM strategy can be a game-changer, helping you leverage the power of reviews and loyalty to maximize sales, engagement, and long-term customer retention. These tools are your trusted allies in navigating the competitive e-commerce landscape during the holiday season and beyond.

Akohub team

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