October 2, 2023

Review Site Improvements: Get Featured and Enjoy Product and Store Page Improvements

We’re always looking to get better and give you the tools you need to collect reviews, display them on their storefront, and build social proof.

That’s why we’ve developed three new features on our Review Site, a platform which seamlessly integrates your Shopify store's product descriptions with reviews sourced from your Judge.me Product Reviews app. Built for trust, the Review Site allows you to showcase your outstanding reviews and direct potential customers to your Shopify store.

Check our new features out!

Get featured on the Judge.me homepage

If you meet the right criteria, your store could be featured on the homepage of Judge.me Review site, giving you access to thousands of visitors.

You could be featured in Product collections.

And if you have a verified review with a photo or video and a thumbs up, you could also be shown in Product reviews that others found helpful.

If you have a product with reviews that are 100% transparent and have a high authenticity score, you might be featured in Products with verified reviews.

Judge.me will decide which products will be featured, but if your products meet the criteria to be featured in Product reviews that others found helpful or Products with verified reviews, you can contact us and recommend your store.

Show the origin of reviews on the Judge.me Review Site

Now, visitors to the Judge.me Review site will know where each review came from – by request, or organically via web. By being transparent with shoppers, you build trust, strengthen loyalty and, ultimately, boost sales.

Product and store page improvements

And we’ve also made changes to the product and store pages.

  • The store page showcases your store's details, displays both product and shop-level reviews, and encourages more reviews from your customers.
  • Your product pages present comprehensive product information, highlight product benefits through specific product reviews, and channel prospective buyers to your store.

Now, your store page will include more information, including your phone and email contact details, links to your pages with details around shipping, refunds and more, and links to your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram.

You can manage your settings and information on the Review Site following this guide. You can confirm, edit or delete information for your Review Site pages.