January 26, 2024

Refresh Your Review Requests with the Email Template Gallery

Many store owners would love to make their review requests really stand out in their customer’s inbox, but don’t have the time to dedicate to design.

Well now, you don’t need to.

Our brand-new email template gallery makes the design process swift and stress-free. You can choose from a range of diverse templates, including ones tailored specifically to your industry.

Choose a template that works for you

Default layout with stars

Classy and classic, our standard review request template with stars is ideal if you want to collect reviews for multiple products.

Default layout with review form

The standard template with a review form that gives your buyers more space to leave feedback. Perfect if you want to emphasize a single product, and with the review form within the email, it’s easy for customers to submit reviews right away.


A slick, blue-on-white look tailored for stores in the apparel space.


Warm and visually impactful, this template is perfect for food stores.

Pet accessories

This cheerful, pet-themed, puppy-featuring design is just right for stores selling pet accessories.


A sleek, stripped back, dark blue design that tech store owners will love.

Pick your template now

You can choose a template in Collect Reviews > Email templates. Then click on the Create template button.