March 23, 2022

UGC Media Grid: Showcase Instagram Photos and Videos on Your Shopify Stores

Have customers who share experiences about your products and tag you on Instagram? Make use of these user-generated content! Now you can connect your Instagram account with Judge.me and display the photos and videos you are tagged in on Instagram with the UGC Media Grid. In this article, we'll cover:

*Note: The UGC Media Grid is a free feature for Shopify platform.

Three great things about the UGC Media Grid

1. You have another channel to gather social proof

Many consumers prefer to post their product feedback on social media like Instagram because they can easily personalize and share it with their friends. Instagram now has 2 billion monthly active users, so you don't want to miss any good feedback coming from this platform. The UGC Media Grid helps you synchronize all the relevant feedback, in particular, the photos and videos you are tagged in on Instagram and publish the ones you like in a few clicks. Your published posts will be displayed in a nice media grid on your store homepage.

judge.me ugc media grid

2. You can include call-to-actions to drive more sales

Call-to-actions (CTAs) guide your customers to the next actions after seeing your content. After getting customers' attention and building trust via the user-generated content, including a clear CTA helps you drive more sales naturally. The UGC Media Grid is designed with customizable CTAs to help you achieve your sales goals.

  • A "Buy Now" button linking to your product page
  • A "View Reviews" button linking to your Review Widget or your store listing on the Judge.me Review Site
judge.me ugc media grid buttons

3. You can customize the widget easily to fit your branding

Consistent branding, from text to visuals, brings a positive experience and helps you gain customer trust when they visit your store. You have many options to customize the UGC Media Grid from the settings, including the widget max-width, title, subtitle, arrows color, button text, background color, text color, button border, button border radius, and so on.

judge.me ugc media grid customize

How to get started with the UGC Media Grid

You can set up the UGC Media Grid for your store in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Connect to Instagram

  • You can connect your Instagram to Judge.me in Settings > Other Widgets > UGC Media Grid > UGC Media Grid Installation.
  • If you connected your Facebook & Instagram to Judge.me before we launch the UGC Media Grid (e.g. for the social push or Facebook Reviews Tab), you will need re-authorize Judge.me to be able to use this feature. It's because the UGC Media Grid needs more permissions to access your data on Instagram (i.e. read & publish your tagged photos).
UGC media grid log in Facebook

Step 2: Enable & customize your widget

  • In UGC Media Grid Installation, toggle the bar to enable the widget. The widget will be installed at the bottom of your Shopify store homepage.
  • After the widget is enabled, a "Customize Widget" box will be displayed below so you can tailor the widget as you wish.
  • You need to publish at least one Instagram post in UGC Media Grid Dashboard for the widget to display.
UGC media grid install widget

Step 3: Fetch the Instagram posts & add products

  • After finishing customizing the widget, you can start fetching the Instagram posts and publish them on your store in the UGC Media Grid Dashboard.
  • Here, click on the "loading arrow" icon to fetch the posts from Instagram. The images you are tagged in on Instagram will be displayed below.
UGC media grid fetch Instagram posts

Step 4: Publish!

  • Choose the post you want, then click Publish.
  • You can also add a Shopify product to your Instagram post. This will add a Buy Now button linking to your product page when you publish the post.
  • If you publish or hide any posts, it may take up to 10 minutes for the widget to be updated.
UGC media grid publish Instagram posts
UGC media grid add products to Instagram posts

Lily Vuong

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