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June 8, 2022

Customize Your Widget and Review Settings to be Compliant with the EU Consumer Protection Act

If you are a merchant operating in the EU, you're probably aware of the new laws from EU Consumer Protection Act. This act states that all displayed reviews must come from genuine orders, and you must inform consumers about how these reviews are processed. 

When it comes to customer reviews, genuineness is critical. Being legally compliant helps your business operate smoothly and gain trust among your customers. 

No worries, gives you complete control to ensure what's displayed on your online store is compliant. In this article, we'll show you how to do that.

1 - Hide all existing unverified reviews

Being compliant with the EU Consumer Protection Act means you should only show verified reviews associated with your order history. To do this, you can hide unverified reviews on the Reviews dashboard by selecting the "Hide" button under the "Status" column. If you have many unverified reviews and want to hide them in bulk, choose the "Unverified Reviews" filter, select all, and click on the "Hide" button on top.

Verified reviews are those coming from genuine orders and verified by automatically based on your order history on the e-commerce platforms. If you have web or imported reviews with no order history, you can request manual verification by submitting evidence of orders. adds verified buyer badges to verified reviews, making them distinguishable from unverified reviews.

Hide one unverified review
Filter and hide all unverified reviews

2 - Prevent new unverified reviews from being displayed automatically

To make sure only verified reviews associated with a buyer can be displayed, you can:

  • Turn off the Auto-publish feature and curate your reviews manually from the Reviews dashboard. To do this, go to Settings > Reviews Widget > Review Curation > Review Curation, then toggle the bar to “OFF”.
Turn off the auto-publish feature
Curate reviews from the reviews dashboard
  • Restrict Web reviews, meaning that your "write-a-review" button is hidden, and consumers can only submit reviews from the review request emails. To do this, go to Settings > Reviews Widget > Review Curation > Web Reviews, then toggle the bar to "ON".
Restrict web reviews

3 - Add a link to show how reviews are processed on

Letting consumers know how reviews are collected and managed is essential to help you comply with the EU Consumer Protection Act. This also explains how verified buyer badge works to indicate review quality.

You can do this by adding a link to show how reviews are processed on in your Review Widget. This feature is available at Settings > Review Widget > Widget Header > Widget Review Text Header. In the "Add collected by link" section, toggle the bar to "ON".

Add “collected by"

Being compliant with major laws is vital to the operations of your online stores, and provides you with the necessary features to make it work. Try these out and contact us at if you need any help.

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