June 8, 2023

May Shopify Tech Partners Event: 5 Actionable Ways to Build a Great Remote Team Culture and Gadget, the Easiest Way to Build a Shopify App.

Is it June already? Well, time flies when you’re having fun – and we had a lot of fun at our Shopify Tech Partners Meetup at the end of May. We had our friends in the UK tech scene down to our offices in Old Street for talks, tipples, and tech, plenty of networking, and only a tiny bit of gossip.

Culture vulture

This month we heard from Noel Andrews of Noel is a master connector whose passion for bringing people together extends beyond his professional life. When he isn’t helping business owners find and hire team members from Eastern Europe, he’s throwing gatherings, parties, dinners, and events.

In his talk, ‘5 Ways to Build a Remote Team Culture’, he told us the secret to building a tight-knit squad of employees – even when they’re miles apart. From spending a lot of time together virtually to celebrating individual accomplishments as a team, there are small but meaningful actions any business owner can take to boost their company culture.

As Tony Hsieh, the former CEO of Zappos, says, ‘If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself.’

Go go Gadget

For full stack developer Ed Laver, is the easiest way to build a Shopify app. Ed created one of the first e-commerce stores in New Zealand, built the Superseed app, and won ‘Best use of functions’ in a recent hackathon for Shop Logic, a no-code function builder app. He’s been using Gadget since September, 2022, and keeps a Shopify app developer resources site at shopcraft. dev.

As Ed explained in his talk, ‘The Easiest Way to Build a Shopify App’, Gadget is a server-free platform with instant, auto-generated API and seamless e-commerce integrations. It also has a fully managed database and hosted React frontends.

That means you can forget your worries about PostgreSQL, MySQL, Vercel, AWS, or anything else. To quote Ed, ‘Gadget and chill’. (By the way, despite living in the UK for 16 years, Ed still hasn’t lost his Kiwi accent. Thankfully, he included a short list of translations for us.)

A few words from us

And we shared some news. Our admin settings are now available in German (as well as English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese), and our widgets and emails can now be translated into 38 different languages. We also spoke about our brand new tone of voice feature, which lets you choose a preset TOV for all your email communications. You can also pick different tones of voice for different emails if you prefer.

So it was a great event. As always, we picked up a lot of new knowledge, and we we enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. You can find the presentation shared by the speakers here.

Thanks to everyone who came down to our offices. Register here for our next event, and get in touch with us if you'd like to be one of our guest speakers or featured on our spotlight blog series (or if you just feel like having a chat).

Until next time.

The Team