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June 18, 2020

How Vikle Liv Reassures the Customers of Product Safety with User-Generated Content

Rikke is the CEO and founder of Vikle Liv, a business offering safe and comfortable baby-carrying equipment such as stretchy wraps, ring slings, etc. As a brand of baby products, reassuring the customers of product safety is the top priority for Vikle Liv. It was not an easy task, but Rikke's nailed it by using to develop user-generated content that helps her customers make more informed decisions, and boosts her online sales.

Vikle Liv's customers want to feel safe

Most of Rikke's customers are mothers or mothers-to-be, who have a high need for security when choosing products for their babies. The mothers usually come to Rikke with many questions, mostly about product safety, to make sure they choose the right baby carriers. 

We've received tons of questions, such as 'Should I use a baby carrier or a baby sling?', 'What size should I choose?', 'Is the carrier free of chemicals and safe to use for my child?', 'How do I use the carrier correctly?', 'Is it worth paying extra for the deluxe version?'

- Rikke said.

It's important for us to clarify their concerns because it's their fragile babies who will be using our products.

Rikke used to find it challenging to reassure her customers. She realized that developing user-generated content with product reviews is the best solution to tackle this issue.

How Vikle Liv develops user-generated content with product reviews

I found that collecting reviews is the best way to build trust among customers and help them make more informed decisions. They can go through the reviews to see what other customers are thinking about the products and choose the most suitable ones.

Three features that help Rikke gain social proof for Vikle Liv include:

  1. Review Widget and Preview Badge
  2. Review Request Emails
  3. Google Product Review Feed

Review Widget and Preview Badge

Vikle Liv displays the Preview Badge in both collection pages and product pages to attract potential buyers as they scroll through the pages.

Upon clicking, the Preview Badge directs buyers to the Review Widget, where they can see all reviews, submit new reviews, or ask questions.

Verified reviews, coming from buyers whose orders have been fulfilled, provides an even stronger proof of the product quality.

Review Request Emails

Vikle Liv's reviews primarily come from review request emails. Thanks to our powerful email editor and special tactics, Vikle Liv achieved a very high conversion rate. 25% of all customers who received the request emails gave a 5-star rating for the product.

Rikke has tested many versions of the review request emails and discovered that her most effective design includes:

  • 5 star-emojis in the subject line
  • An image with a mother carrying the baby with Vikle Liv's product
  • A customized text where she thanks her customers for leaving a review, and tells them that it’s possible to write the review directly in the email
  • An in-email review form to submit the review easily

SEO Rich Snippets and Google Product Review Feed

Vikle Liv's products reviews in rich snippets, which are added automatically by, have improved rankings drastically because products with many reviews have a much higher click-through rate than others.

As an example, Vikle Liv has a domain rank (DR) of 28 and their Najell Wrap with 30+ reviews and is outranking competitors with DR above 50 and even DR 60. The correlation between reviews and rankings also reflects on the top pages on Vikle Liv's domain, where the 3 products with most reviews is among the top 5 pages.

Besides, Rikke also features them on Google Shopping to make sure customers who are searching for her products can also see the reviews.

The stars have made Vikle Liv stand out on the Google search results and resulted in a 20% increase in click-through rate.

What Rikke thinks about our review app is a great Shopify review app. It’s easy to install and integrate with Google, as well as many important apps on Shopify. I also love their customer service. They are very helpful and reply to my questions even on weekends and holidays. They also have very fair pricing given the features and customer service you get.
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