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June 24, 2022

Essential Derma: Spread out Skincare Passion with Social Proof

Skincare can be more affordable, while still delivering the best results. That's what Essential Derma is striving to provide its customers from day one. We have the chance to interview Catherine from Essential Derma and hear their story about how Essential Derma started and how the brand is leveraging social proof to gain trust and boost sales.

A desire for affordable home-based skincare

I started Essential Derma because of my passion for skincare. I've always been interested in the skin and got hooked from a very young age. One thing that specifically caught my interest was using beauty tools that can naturally stimulate the skin to grow more healthily. 

I noticed that the professional treatments I'd received in clinics seemed very simple but very expensive. I knew there had to be a way for people to do the same treatment themselves at home safely. 

That's when I decided to start Essential Derma and specialise in beauty tools such as micro-needling derma rollers.

Essential Derma is a skincare company specialising in derma rollers that help people improve their skin naturally and safely from home. Derma rollers are great for anti-ageing, acne scarring, stretch marks, body scarring, pigmentation issues and lack of hair growth on the scalp, eyebrows or beard area (for men).

In the beginning, 90% of our customers were women, but as time goes on, we're noticing more and more men looking to improve their skin. So one day, we get an 18-year-old female looking to remove her acne scarring and the next day, we get a 55-year-old person wanting to smooth out their wrinkles or other signs of ageing.

Our company prides itself on its customer service, and we work one-on-one with all of our customers to ensure they get the best results possible. We don't want to be a company that just sells skincare products. We want to be a company that makes sure people get excellent results. 

Essential Derma - Anti-Aging Derma Roller Kit

All of our customers can reach out to us at any time for a derma rolling schedule customised for their skin. If the results slow down, we can make adjustments to ensure the skin keeps progressing. On top of this, we have a 100% money-back guarantee if our customers have followed our advice but don't get any results.

Looking for an all-in-one review solution

We have used several reviews capturing software for our business over the years. While some were good and some were bad, we found to be the best overall. Of course, we would have preferred to stick with one option, but sometimes it takes time to realise that a solution isn't suited for you. We've been with for multiple years now, and it is by far our favourite app in the Shopify app store across all categories.

One challenge we had when choosing software for our business was that we wanted something that could not only do everything but also offer a reasonable price. Some of the big established companies started at a low price but then became far too expensive if you wanted features such as Google Rich Snippets or Google Shopping Integration. We love that has almost all the features you need for free and then the option to upgrade to get the remaining features you may need is at an excellent price.

Landed on, and reaped benefits from a variety of features

Create customized questions with Custom Forms

When it comes to the details within our reviews, we have chosen to customise the review form using the Custom Forms feature. This has allowed us to capture not only the star rating and review text but also more information about the customers, such as their age bracket and skin goal.

essential derma review widget and custom forms

Show various reviewer's details

Our products are suitable for many different types of people, so showing the reviewers' demographics helps our customers see that a specific product will also be ideal for them.

essential derma reviewer details

We also like to include the reviewer's city, country and country flag in their review. Our main customer base is in Australia, but we use a .com domain name instead of a By having local city names in the reviews automatically, our customers can see similar customers in their area and know that they are not shopping with an international business that may have slower shipping times.

essential derma reviewer city and country flag

Collect review photos and videos

Another feature we love is getting user photos or videos that can be attached to the review. We've set things up so that our customers can add a photo as they write their reviews. In addition, what we find to be the most successful is having a follow-up email to remind people to add a photo to their review. 

essential derma review photos and videos

From experience, we find that it takes customers a lot of effort to add photos to their reviews. So, sending an automatic photo reminder email at a later date dramatically increases the chances of getting the content. In addition, we often incentivise people with coupons or special deals if they add photos to their reviews.

Sync reviewer's data with Klaviyo and send follow-up campaigns

One thing we 100% recommend is integrating with your email software. We use Klaviyo and find that this combination brings us the best results. While we can incentivise our customers directly in, we choose to do it using Klaviyo emails as we can customise things at a more granular level. 

essential derma klaviyo integration

For example: When a customer leaves a review, it triggers our review flow in Klaviyo. From here, the system checks whether the review is positive or negative, and then sends the appropriate email. If the review is positive, we send a thank-you email with a coupon. If the review is negative, we also say thank you but frame the content differently to see if we can resolve the customer's problems and perhaps convert them to a 5-star reviewer.

essential derma klaviyo follow-up emails 1

essential derma klaviyo follow-up emails 2

essential derma klaviyo follow-up emails

Reviews are critical to us, so we generally offer a considerable discount with a coupon. However, we can only afford to do this once per customer, so this is where the customisation comes in. Our flow can determine whether the customer has left a review before. If it's their first review, they get a large coupon. If it's their 2nd or more review, we'll offer a lower-value coupon.

Display total reviews and average rating

The final feature we want to mention is a basic one, but we love it. It's the ability to have a widget that shows the total number of reviews you have and the star rating. has many different types of widgets you can add to your site, and we love that we can add some simple code and show our total review number.

essential derma all reviews text

Huge impact on ROI thanks to social proof

The ROI (return on investment) that we have received since the time we started using is easily 1000X. With eCommerce, reviews are the most important thing your website needs. They show your customers what to expect with your products and prove that your products and services are of high quality. We have generated more than 2250 reviews across our product range, and it's no secret that the products with the highest review scores are the best-selling products.

essential derma product reviews

We often use heat mapping software to see where our customers spend the most time on our website, and the review section is the number one section on all product pages. Obviously, customers spend more time reading the reviews than reading the product descriptions.

We feel like we haven't even touched the surface of what we can achieve with this app, and that's the great thing about it. It works perfectly outside of the box with no real effort needed. Then if you're a power user and want to perform even better, you can utilise all the features available.

If I had to give one bit of advice, it would be to make sure you're using the Google Integrations so that your reviews show up in organic listings and Google Shopping. Having your star ratings next to all of your products will dramatically increase your click-through rate, which will bring you more sales. If didn't have this feature, it would be a deal-breaker, and we would move to another service. Thankfully they do, and it works perfectly with no coding skills required.

Great experience with support team

The support team at is one of the main reasons it is our favourite app in the Shopify App Store. If we have any problems with integrations or questions, we jump on the live chat, and someone sorts them out almost immediately. One time, we changed our website themes at one stage, and many parts of the website broke. We jumped on the live chat and got the review section fixed almost immediately. The quick fix minimised downtime and ensured the review section of our website continued to work correctly and matched our new theme and colours. Customer service is a deal-breaker for any business. If we install an app on our website and the support team behind the app is not available when problems arise, we will remove the app.

Final thoughts

I was satisfied with the overall experience and the ease of use. It's tough to find a piece of software that works correctly and dramatically improves your business. It's often easy to get caught up in installing new good-looking apps that don't increase your bottom line. Instead, they slow down your website, and your sales suffer. Our approach is to have as few apps as possible on our website to ensure it runs fast and smoothly. Among those apps, review capturing is 100% the most important.

To be honest, there isn't much more we expect from The features and pricing are amazing, and it just works. If we had to pick one thing that would take it to the next level, it would be integration with Google's Seller Ratings. These are the star ratings within Google Text Ads (not shopping ads). We heard that this is up to Google for which review platforms they include, so fingers crossed that one day will be included.

Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson is the Co-Founder and Resident Skin Expert at, an Australian-based derma roller and micro-needling skincare company from Hawthorn East in Victoria. She is extremely passionate about skincare and has been involved in the skin industry for 10+ years.