June 7, 2024

Your Reviews Dashboard Just Got Even Better

Earlier this year, we upgraded our app to make it more enjoyable and more effective at collecting reviews. We brought you more intuitive navigation and slicker review management, including insights right on the home page and a leaner, cleaner dashboard.

Now, we’ve gone a step further.

Our latest improvements

We’re glad to announce two major updates to the Reviews dashboard:

Identify newly unpublished reviews with ease

If you’ve chosen to publish your reviews manually, then you’ll want to know which reviews haven’t been published yet.

With our latest update, you can. Any unpublished reviews will now be greyed out, making it much simpler to spot new, unpublished reviews and publish them whenever you’re ready.

Enjoy an enhanced photo-viewing experience

User-generated content can do wonders for an online store, bringing visual interest and authenticity to your store at a low cost.

Sometimes, you’ll want to have a closer look at the images your reviewers are including with their feedback. And now you can.

  • Expandable photos: Click on any review photo to expand it, allowing you to see in greater detail and better understand that reviewer’s experience.
  • Gallery navigation: If a review includes multiple photos, you can navigate between them in a gallery style. This feature makes it super easy to browse through all images without leaving the review page, providing a comprehensive view of customer feedback without added effort.

Got something to tell us?

If you have any trouble getting set up, just get in touch with us at support@judge.me. If you have any feedback or questions, we’re happy to hear that, too.