Judge.me has yet another integration with: Frankie - AI Recommendations!

Frankie is an application that works to optimize your product recommendation sections,to increase your conversion rate and boost your sales. The app aims to create highly personalized recommendations that match your clients tastes and engages them in a way other apps do not. The AI behind Frankie helps set up recommendations for each product automatically and updates them so they do not stagnant or become irrelevant with time. Now Frankie AI and Judge.me can work together to display your reviews in product recommendations further increasing the chance of cross-selling to your clients. Integration is easy and automatic simply have both apps installed and they will perform in conjunction with each other. Combine Frankie AI’s powerfully customized recommendations with Judge.me’s review stars to display the number of real reviews your products have to increase conversion!

To recap: 

1. Frankie - AI Recommendations now integrates with Judge.me to display our review stars in their recommended products section

2. Integration is done fluidly simply install both apps and they will begin to work together.

3. Customize the color of the stars in Judge.me app settings!