November 3, 2023

New Integration: Boost Reviewer Loyalty with Froonze Customer Accounts Concierge

There’s been a lot of research into loyalty in e-commerce.

One study found that integrating a loyalty program into your e-commerce platform can increase average order quantity by a whopping 319%, while another showed that three-quarters of shoppers say they’ll prefer one brand over another if it has a loyalty program.

And retaining just 5% more of your customers, a third study showed, means that you’ll see a 25% or more increase in profit.

Convinced yet?

Loyalty made easy

Our new integration with Froonze Customer Accounts Concierge gives stores the power to reward customers with loyalty points for submitting reviews on that meet certain criteria.

You can choose to reward shoppers who leave reviews with photos or videos, a certain minimum rating, or reviews that are verified.

An all-in-one customer portal

Froonze Customer Accounts Concierge also replaces your account page with an informative, customizable, functional widget.

It equips your store with a multifunctional portal where you can manage all aspects of your account. You’ll be able to integrate custom content and tools to drive a richer, more personalized customer experience.

It includes Profile, Order History, Loyalty, Wishlist, Social Login, Customer Forms, App Integrations and more.

Earn and redeem

Once you’ve set up the integration, you can choose your Earning rules. You can reward reviewers with points if they meet the criteria you want. You can also set a maximum number of rewards per day per customer.

Once customers have accumulated a certain number of points, they can redeem them for fantastic discounts and rewards.

Add Froonze Customer Accounts Concierge now to unlock your store’s potential.

Find out more about how to use it here.