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August 21, 2020

How Headphone Zone Builds Trust with Music Lovers

Headphone Zone wants to maintain customer trust in an online space

Without music, life would be a mistake.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche's words are definitely true. But since we are living in an era where music is going digital, the new reality is that life would be a mistake if we listen to music with bad headphones

Realizing that people had difficulty choosing their headphones, Raghav Somani founded Headphone Zone in 2010 to match music lovers with the best headphones to their tastes. Since the first days, Raghav’s motto has been “serving customers instead of selling to them”. Started as a brick and mortar store, Headphone Zone differentiated itself by delivering unique customer experience. As the store went online in 2014, Headphone Zone needed to find different ways to maintain this premium experience and build trust in an online space. Raghav has chosen to generate more user-generated content and Fomo to better showcase their social proof to potential customers.

How Headphone Zone builds social proof with reviews and notifications

Right from the start, we figure out that product reviews are super important. All headphones sounds good, but how do you explain whether it’s a good headphone for rock versus a good headphone for jazz? That’s when product reviews start to pay off.
Writing reviews is a convenient way for our customers to describe how each headphone fits to each music type. And a large number of customers write very detailed reviews—what kind of changes the headphone makes to their music. With, we can curate the reviews every day to make sure that the most important ones are published right away to keep the customers engaged, whether they have something nice to say, or they have some concerns that need to be addressed.

1/’s Widgets and Emails

The genuine content from reviews proves that many other customers have bought Headphone Zone's products and guaranteed their quality. Verified product reviews also help their potential customers understand whether a headphone will fit their needs or not.

Preview Badge

On each product page, Headphone Zone uses the Preview Badge to show the reviews count and star rating they received.

Review Widget

An interesting thing about Headphone Zone is that they closely watch what people say about their products, whether these are good or bad things.

We know that we can't please everybody. So if the negative reviews make sense, we'll deal with them instead of - like a lot of businesses do - ignoring and trying to convince other customers that people only say good things about us.

When you don't hide, you show the reviewers that you care, and perhaps they will still do business with you. Other visitors will see how you treat your customers like humans and be more inclined to buy from you as well.

Headphone Zone seems to have this review-to-leverage-conversions game on point, you can see it by the way they use Review Widget, where they can collect and display all star ratings and reviews from their customers. You can click on the Preview Badge (star rating) to jump directly to the Review Widget.

You can showcase not only "stars" but genuine reviews about your products, so your prospects know exactly what other customers feel after buying the product. Besides, there are upvotes and downvotes on the reviews from people who agree or disagree with what they've read. This feature can strengthen the validity of your reviews.

Review Request Emails

Another great tactic from Headphone Zone is the use of the Review Request Emails. We all know that the best way to get reviews is simply by asking for them, so this is what Headphone Zone does. Your customers have received the product and may have a great experience with it, but they may forget to give you a review. Why not ask them via a review request email, then?

Besides the two main widgets, Headphone Zone also uses - Zapier integration and automatic reminders to keep track of their reviews.

At present, we have integrated with Slack via Zapier. This lets us keep tabs and reply to 5-star and 1-star reviews. The email review reminders are also quite useful as through it we are able to harvest more reviews.

2/ Fomo’s Storefront Notifications

Active Visitors

We mainly use Fomo's website and social media integrations. We love the 'Active Visitors' feature. It tells the visitors that there are other people currently active on our website. This is great for building trust among new visitors.

Unlike a physical business, it’s hard to tell whether an online store is selling well or not. By using Fomo's Active Visitors, Headphone Zone can display a pop-up every 6 seconds, showing the number of customers currently active on their website. This feature allows them to show visitors that they have customers keep coming in, that they are doing well and their customers can trust them.

Pop-ups of new orders and reviews

Headphone Zone also takes advantage of Fomo’s integrations with other platforms to provide more real-time activities on the storefront. With Shopify integration, they can show that someone has just bought a new headphone. Meanwhile, integration helps them display new reviews submitted on a specific product.

Fomo and feel great that we can help Headphone Zone better showcase their products and attract more customers, especially during this pandemic season.

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