August 11, 2022

New Integration: Send Review Requests via Klaviyo

Want to incorporate review request emails to your Klaviyo marketing campaigns? Now with our new integration with Klaviyo, you can request reviews with Klaviyo emails, have reviews sent to app, and showcase them on your store.

What you do with Klaviyo integration

1. Trigger an automatic Flow to send review request emails in Klaviyo

When you fulfilled an order in your e-commerce stores, instead of scheduling a review request in, we'll send a custom event to Klaviyo called "Eligible for Review Requests". You can use this custom event to trigger a Flow to send review request emails in Klaviyo.

*Note: after enabling Klaviyo integration in, please create and fulfill a test order to send the initial event to Klaviyo.

2. Set timing and conditions for sending the review requests in Klaviyo

You can set a delay time before sending the review request emails (e.g., 14 days) and customize your Flow even more with the Conditional Split. For example, set different delay times for domestic and international orders, send different email templates to different customer segments, and so on.

3. Personalize email templates using the Klaviyo editor

Klaviyo provides you with a drag-and-drop editor to design your email templates. You can add text, images, buttons, and so on. 

For each product item eligible for a review request, we'll send all relevant data to Klaviyo. You can customize your email content by displaying these data with Klaviyo event variables. Typically, a review request email should include:

  • Customer name
  • Product name
  • Product image
  • Link to review widget to submit the review

Here are some examples of how event variables are used to display product data from

Displaying customer name and product name in the email body
Adding a button linking to Review Widget

After you’ve got everything set up, here is what your email will look like!

4. Obtain and manage verified reviews on the reviews dashboard

Reviews collected from Klaviyo emails will appear in your reviews dashboard and be verified automatically. Then, you can curate and display them on your widgets.

If you also enable the Klaviyo integration to send review data, we'll also push the event of your new reviews to Klaviyo (“SubmittedReview”). You can then use these events to create segments and follow-up emails with your reviewers.

How this makes your life easier

As a Klaviyo user, you must be running many different email campaigns. By integrating review request emails into Klaviyo, you can send and track all campaigns in one place, which saves you much time and effort. In addition, there is also more room for you to create more targeted campaigns for different user segments based on their behavior in other campaigns. Besides, you can also create emails with a consistent design that matches your store branding.

Ready to try?

Check our full instructions to enable the feature in and set up the email flow and templates in Klaviyo. If you need any help, contact

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