November 3, 2023

New Integration: Level Up Your User Experience with Three Powerful FoxEcom Integrations

You know that saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’? Well, unfortunately, we all do. And that’s why your front end matters.

A study by Vistaprint found that 42% of customers are unlikely, and 21% are ‘not likely at all’ to buy from a poorly designed or unprofessional website. That means you better be thinking about UX, performance and design.

Lucky for you, FoxEcom can help you take care of all three – and our new integrations with Foxify, Zest and Minimog let you take full advantage.

Display stars and ratings on your Foxify pages

With our new integration with Foxify, you can showcase your stars and the Review Widget on pages you’ve built with Foxify.

With Foxify, you can use more than 60 beautiful templates and sections, as well as global styles and sales-boosting extensions, to build pages more easily than ever. Better yet, you can save sections so you can re-use them across your store.

Find out more about using Foxify here.

See widgets on the Zest and Minimog themes

And thanks to our integrations with Zest and Minimog,’s powerful widgets now work across even more themes than before.

Zest takes the mobile user experience to a whole new level. It lets you customize your store easily so you can align it with your brand’s identity. It also offers lightning-fast loading and beautiful layouts – meaning you have a site that’s a pleasure to look at and to navigate.

Minimog offers a range of designs that convert casual shoppers into buying customers. Its range of designs come with advanced marketing analytics and upselling and cross-selling features – oh, and there’s no code required.