March 9, 2023

Display Star Ratings, Top Reviews and UGC on Klaviyo Emails

Need a twist to boost the conversion rates of your Klaviyo email campaigns? Now you can easily add your star ratings, top reviews and user-generated content from Instagram to your Klaviyo emails. Social proof can be a great addition to your abandoned cart reminder email, or product recommendation emails, where you need a good reason to close the deal with your potential buyers.

How the integration works will send the review data to Klaviyo via web feeds. Depending on the content you would like to display in your Klaviyo emails, you can enable the specific feeds in

1 - Display review stars and average ratings

The Review Information Feed helps you display the review stars and average ratings on the corresponding products you add to your Klaviyo emails. This is extremely helpful if you are sending a cart abandoned reminder email because you can show the social proof for the abandoned products and encourage customers to come back and complete their purchases.

2 - Display featured reviews (selected for the carousel)

If you want to grab the full review content, enable the Review Testimonials Feed. This feed can help you randomly pick the latest 5 reviews featured in your Reviews Carousel, then display these reviews in your Klaviyo emails. If you choose to add reviews to the carousel manually, we'll pick randomly among those manually featured reviews.

3 - Display UGC photos from Instagram

If your customers don’t submit a review but post their feedback on Instagram and tag you, you can sync those UGC to your emails as well! Make sure you have connected your Instagram account with, enable the UGC widget and publish some photos in the UGC dashboard.

How can I get started?

Simply follow these steps to enable the integration:

  1. Connect to Klaviyo using API key
  2. Enable the review feeds in, then copy the feed URLs and add them to your Klaviyo.
  3. Copy the block of codes prepared by and add it to your Klaviyo.

That’s it!

Lily Vuong

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