August 3, 2023

New Integration: Add Widgets in Veda Builder

Veda Builder lets you create visually stunning, high-converting pages simply and easily with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, rich library of page and section templates, and built-in add-ons.

Veda offers conversion-boosting features including countdown timers, social proof notifications, and upsell pop-ups. Pages also SEO-friendly.

And they’ve just got better. Thanks to our new integration with Veda, you can add your Widgets in a quick and hassle-free way using Veda’s editor. Just drag and drop the widgets you want onto your product pages.

More user-friendly

With this integration, you can give your customers a seamless and more user-friendly experience, combining the sleek designs and functionality of Veda with’s highly clickable, useful, and eye-catching widgets.

Social proof

And by adding our Review Widget and Preview Badge to your Veda product pages, you amplify the social proof you get from ratings and reviews. Visitors to your Veda-built store can see easily what other customers thought of your products, empowering them to make smarter purchases with confidence.

All-round customer experience

The combination of stunning custom pages, user-friendly store navigation and greater social proof makes for a better all-round customer experience. Customers visiting your store are more likely to stay to browse and buy, to return afterwards, and to develop stronger brand awareness. This contributes to more sales.

Have a look at our KB article if you need any help getting started.