December 5, 2022

New Integration: Create Support Tickets & Manager New Reviews in Gorgias

Worried about missing customer feedback that needs your response immediately? Try our integration with Gorgias. With this integration, you can create Gorgias tickets when a customer leaves a review in This helps you take the right actions on time and retain your loyal customers.

What can you do with Gorgias integration?

1 - Publish, hide, and feature reviews from Gorgias

When the reviews are submitted and the tickets come in, you can publish or hide the reviews directly from the Gorgias’s Sidebar Widget on your right hand. If you have a Reviews Carousel installed, you can also add the reviews to the carousel from here. Just one click, and the changes will be applied to the reviews in This saves you the time of switching between platforms and makes sure you won’t miss any important feedback.

2 - See your customers’ history of reviews

This Sidebar Widget also shows you many data on the reviews submitted by a customer, including the content of the 3 latest reviews, the total of reviews, and the average rating of all reviews. This information is located in the same place as other customer data in Gorgias or from any integrated apps that you have, which gives you much more context to respond to each customer.

3 - Reply to reviews privately or publicly

Need to reply to your reviewers? You can publish (hide) the reviews and reply to them with one single action using Gorgias’s macros built by You have 3 macros to resolve this ticket in Gorgias:

  • Hide review and reply privately: this macro will hide the review in and let you send a reply from Gorgias to the customer's email.
  • Publish review and reply publicly: this macro will publish the review in and let you post a reply to that review publicly on the Review Widget.
  • Publish review and reply privately: this macro will publish the review in and let you send a reply from Gorgias to the customer's email.

Choose the macro. Type your reply. And click "Send". As simple as that.

Ready to try it?

Check our full instructions to enable and use the integration. If you need any help, contact

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