September 4, 2023

New Integration: Reward Reviewers and Build Loyalty with Kangaroo

Research shows that loyalty program members spend up to 30% more, and that paid loyalty program members pay up to 60% more. Those are just two reasons why incorporating a loyalty program into your e-commerce business is a smart move.

Our new integration with Kangaroo Rewards makes this easy. Kangaroo includes all the tools you need to attract, keep, connect and grow your business with customer loyalty. It transforms one-off shoppers into committed, long-term buyers.

Reward reviewers

Kangaroo is a one-stop shop for all your loyalty needs. It helps you drive traffic, grow sales, and boost customer retention. Our integration lets you reward your reviewers for giving their feedback, and you can even choose what kinds of review you want to reward.

Need more UGC? You can reward reviewers who leave photo and video reviews by setting that specific condition. Need more reviews in general? Then reward any buyer who leaves a review.

Choose you reward

You have the power to decide how you reward your reviewers. You can incentivise your happy customers with points, free shipping coupons, or discounts – either percentage discounts or discounts in dollars.

In other words, you can tier the incentives you offer customers, giving away just the right amount to show your gratitude and encourage them to keep coming back.

With’s integration with Kangaroo, you can make the experience  of shopping at your store more rewarding for your customers than ever – literally and figuratively. Check out our handy KB guide to get set up with the integration.