January 6, 2023

New Integration: Tidio - Create Support Tickets & Engage with Reviews via Chatbot

Need to quickly respond to your customers once they submitted a review? Or even more, try to resolve the issue before the reviews come in? Try our integration with Tidio, the #1 customer service tool for e-commerce to help you reach your customers 24/7. With this integration, you can engage with your reviewers by implementing some tasks that you may never think of:

  • Use chatbots to clarify negative reviews and send thank-you for a positive review
  • Display and create support tickets to reply to new reviews in Tidio

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What can you do with Tidio integration?

1. Ask for feedback before customers submit a negative review

By reaching an unhappy customer at the right time, you can turn a bad experience into an opportunity. By using Tidio chatbot, you can trigger a message when your customers are about to submit a negative review. You can take this chance to understand what happened with your customers, and resolve the issues in time.

2. Send a thank-you message when customers submit a positive review

With any positive reviews that you receive, it's a good idea to send a thank-you message as an appreciation to your customers. You can also send them a coupon, or offer to help them further.

3. Display and reply to new reviews

This integration also allows you to sync all reviews you receive from, so you can manage them easier with your customer support tools. When customers submit reviews in, your reviews will appear in Tidio's inbox. You can see the star rating and review content, as well as customer information linked with those reviews on the right panel. From the inbox, you can create a support ticket, include internal notes and reply to your customers easily.

Ready to try it?

Check our full instructions to enable and use the integration. If you need any help, contact

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